Oyamada Sasara Festival (city-designated intangible folk cultural asset

Oyamada Sasara is the same as Tozawa line, but the lyrics are totally different. Before Tozawa Kanemori renovated Kadoya castle and started living there in Antei 2 (1228), he resided in Kamihinokinai. Thus the lion dance practiced in Kamihinokinai was brought to Oyamada by Mr. Tozawa, and his liegemen danced for the festival of Oyamada Kannon Goddess shrine. In Keicho 6 (1601), the esoterica of Sasara were instructed to Akakura Zensuke in Oyamada, and the Sasara dance was practiced for the festival each year as a private activity.

Oyamada Sasara Festival
Location Oyamada, Nishiki
Contact Info Semboku City Board of Education, Cultural Asset Section: 0187-43-3384
Traffic access August 13 (Yatsu Kannon Goddess Shrine Festival), August 20 (Shishi Osame)