Nishine Sasara

The Nishine Sasara dance dates back 260 years to the Genbun Era, when an Iwami of Iwami, Akikawa Toshima fell in love with this dance and encouraged his household to learn it. Dokan Abe and others carried on and spread the tradition, and 220 years ago, Hikokichi Asari of Nishine Sasara, with his father being from Iwami village, learned the dance and became the first master, and taught the young people of his village.

Location Nishine district, Hinokinai, Nishiki
Contact Info Norio Asari, Representitive of Nishine Sasara Traditional Performance Preservation Society
Traffic access August 7 (Kasazoroi), August 15 (Enbu), August 27 (Kasaosame)