Gozanoishi Shrine

The name of the shrine comes from Yoshitaka, the lord of the Satake Clan (then ruler of Akita) resting at the place in 1650. Near the vermillion-lacquered torii gate of the shrine are some viewing spots, including Nanairogi, the seven-colored tree, from which it is said that seven kinds of trees grew out; the Spiritual Fountain of Katagashira, from which Tatsuko drank and was transformed into a dragon; and Kagami-ishi (mirror stone), which Tatsuko is said to have seen her own reflection.

Goza-ishi Shrine
Location Ainaigata, Hinokinai, Nishikicho
Contact Info Tazawako Tourism Information Center: 0187-43-2111
Traffic access Regular bus from JR Tazawako Station (Tazawako Round Trip)