Ogamiyama and Ogamibashi

Ogamiyama mountain (Ogami is for male-god) is an 860 meter-high, cone-shaped mountain, standing at the halfway point of Route 341 along Tamagawa dam reservoir. Along with Megamiyama (Goddess mountain), the name comes from a legend of the two gods (god and goddess), passed down from the old times in Tamagawa settlement, now submerged under the Tamagawa reservoir. Ogamibashi is a bridge crossing Tamagawa Reservoir from right below the mountain.

Location Tamagawa, Tazawako
Contact Info Tazawako Tourism Information Center: 0187-43-2111
Access Information Regular bus from JR Tazawako Station (For Hachimantai Summit, or for Tamagawa Hot Springs)
Akita Airport Liner (Kakunodate/Tazawako/Tamagawa Hot Springs Course)