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Sightseeing Spots: Kakunodate Area

Stone Monuments

Hyakusui Hirahuku was born in 1877 in Yokomachi, Kakunodate. His father Suian was a famous painter. There is a monument at the remains of his birthplace. In a footpath in Hanabayama, eastwards from Hyakusui's birthplace, is his Fudezuka (ink brush mound) .

There is also a monument in Shouanji Temple honoring Naotake Odano, the drawer of the pictures in Kaitai Shinsho, the anatomy book of western medicine.

LocationYokomachi, Tamachi, etc. of Kakunodate

Contact InfoSemboku City Tourism Information Center "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura": 0187-54-2700

Traffic accessFifteen minutes on foot from JR Kakunodate Station