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Sightseeing Spots: Kakunodate Area

Shrines and Buddhist Temples

Hoshinji Temple

Hoshinji TempleErected in the Tozawa era, the temple was of high status, for which the resident priest would be allowed by the emperor to wear scented vestures. It has the oldest bell in Kakunodate.

Location10 Nishikatsurakucho

Jokoin Temple

Jokoin TempleThe family temple of the North Satake Clan. There is a cemetery for the fallen imperial soldiers in the Boshin War.

Location25 Nishikatsurakucho

Shinmeisha Shrine

Shinmeisha ShrineA shrine for Amaterasu, and tutelary of this land from old. The annual festival in September is the biggest in this town. Along with the festival of Yakushi-do, it goes on for 3 days.

Location149-2 Iwase, Kakunodate


Soshi-doStands on top of Otsukayama mountain.

Location71 Uwano, Kakunodate

Uzumaki (Spiral) Tenjin Shrine

A statue by Kingo Hamada. A statue by Kingo Hamada.
Named for the spiral-like stones in the temple grounds. Enshrines Michizane Sugawara, the god of scholarship.

Location Iwase, Kakunodate

Yakushi-do (Jojuin Temple)

Yakushi-do (Jojuin Temple)The oldest local shrine dating back to the Tozawa era. The parade float for the Autumn Festival in September is related to this temple.

LocationNishikatsurakucho, Kakunodate

Tenneiji Temple

Tenneiji TempleThe family temple of the Ashina Clan, moved from Aizu. It has the tombs of the Ashina Clan, and a giant statue of Buddha. There is also the Fudezuka (ink brush mound) of Hyakusui Hirafuku in the hill in the back of the temple, looking down on the town.

Location10 Kamishinmachi, Kakunodate

Gakuhoji Temple

Gakuhoji TempleA temple moved from Aizu with when Ashina became lord of Kakunodate castle. Within the temple grounds are the graves of the father and son, Suian and Hyakusui Hirafuku.

Location63 Nishikatsurakucho, Kakunodate


ShoanjiFamily temple of the Imamiya household, once the head of Shugen-do monks of the whole Kanto area. Also has the grave and monument of Naotake Odano, the founder of Akita Ranga (western style painting).

Location47 Tamachikamicho, Kakunodate

Ojoin Temple

Location86 Nishikatsurakucho, Kakunodate

Saikakuji Temple

Location67 Nishikatsurakucho, Kakunodate

Nicchoji Temple

Location1 Kawara, Unosaki, Kawara, Kakunodate

Hoshinji Temple

Location10 Nishikatsurakucho, Kakunodate

Honmyoji Temple

Honmyoji TempleThe Issaikyo Sutra in this temple is a town-designated tangible cultural asset. It is also the family temple of the home of Shinchosha's first president.

Location61 Nishikatsurakucho, Kakunodate

Manpukuji Temple

Location47 Teramae, Kawara, Kakunodate

Myokoji Temple

Location71 Uwano, Iwase, Kakunodate

Ryuganji Temple

Location330 Tanaka, Kumoshikari, Kakunodate

Ryusenji Temple

Location131 Takewaramachi, Kakunodate