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Sightseeing Spots: Dakigaeri/Jindai/Shiraiwa

Waga Mountain Mass

A range of mountains over 1000 meters high, running north to south; including Wagatake (1440m), the main peak, Yakushidake (1218m), Shiraiwadake (1177m), Mokkodake (1278m) and Nakanosawadake (1013m). The Waga mountain mass area, ranges from Sengan Pass in the north (Semboku City), Maki Valley in the south (Daisen City), upper Waga river in the east (Sawauchi Village, Iwate pref.) , and Dakigaeri valley in the west. It forms a 30,000 hectare mountain zone with its center in the prefecture border ridge line of Akita and Iwate, and a wide, almost unbroken spread of 15,000 hectares of wilderness remains untouched by human intervention (deforestation, forest road construction, etc.) . The headwater areas deriving from the ridgeline to the whole mountain areas are filled with abundant water resources, forming a rich natural environment. (Excerpt from The Natural Environment of Waga Mountain Mass--Waga Mountain Mass Academic Investigation Report, edited and published by Waga Mountain Mass Natural Environment Academic Investigation Committee)

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