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Sightseeing Spots: Dakigaeri/Jindai/Shiraiwa

Shitagawara Sasara Festival (city-designated intangible folk cultural asset)

Imamiya Danjo Kumi-shita (Tamachi group), who was a senior servant when the Satake clan transferred to Akita, and later served the North Satake family resided in Kakunodate at the time of Tenmei 7 (1787), was playing the sasara instrument. The Tamachi group leader was Matsumoto Rokuzaemon. He instructed 3 interested people from Shitagawara district in Sasara - Choshiro, Matsunosuke, and Manemon. There is a document remaining that speaks of a scroll, a book of secrets, and drawings that were given to the 3 men.


LocationShitagawara, Kakunodate

Contact InfoKakunodate Tourist Association “Ekimae-gura”: 0187-54-2700

ScheduleCurrently there is no festival practiced