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Sightseeing Spots: Dakigaeri/Jindai/Shiraiwa

Shiraiwa Sasara Festival (city-designated intangible folk cultural asset)

Introduced by warriors in the Satake household when the Satake clan transferred to Akita. The origin of Shiraiwa Sasara is believed during the procession people in the front line walked while playing wooden instruments for the purpose of exorcism. Later the lion dance performed in farming villages was added to the ritual. It is the Mito-line Sasara.
Also in this area, a scroll recording the origin of Shiraiwa Sasara is preserved. According to the scroll, there was a time when bad health was prevailing. The people in this area let noble monks and flamen give the invocation but it was not working. At that time a Chinese monk appeared and said it was because of scourge. The monk then made a demon object and played drums and flutes accompanied with a procession in order to get rid of the plague.


LocationShiraiwa, Kakunodate

Contact InfoKakunodate Tourist Association “Ekimae-gura”: 0187-54-2700

ScheduleAugust 7, August 13 - 16, August 20