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Sightseeing Spots: Dakigaeri/Jindai/Shiraiwa

Dakigaeri Valley

Dakigaeri ValleyKnown as the Yabakei of Tohoku, the virgin forests on both sides, the waterfalls on the rocks, and the unique blue waters of the streams are a beautiful sight. Famous for its beauty of verdure and autumn leaves. Easy-to-walk footpaths are available for viewing odd-shaped rocks, rapids, and waterfalls large and small. The view from the noticeable Kami-no-Iwahashi suspension bridge is magnificent.

LocationHirokunai, Kakunodate

Contact InfoSemboku City Tourism Information Center "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura": 0187-54-2700

Traffic access7 minutes by taxi from JR Jindai Station
10 minutes by taxi from JR Kakunodate Station