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Sightseeing Spots: Tazawako Area


TazawakoAmong the mystically beautiful clear lazuline waters stands the golden statue of Tatsuko, the maiden of legendary beauty. The cherry blossoms, the verdure, the autumn leaves, and the white snow. The scenery of Tazawako weaves the beauty of the four seasons, resembling impressionism paintings.

At the lakeside, there are a number of historic sites and scenes, and full-fledged leisure spots where visitors can enjoy various activities such as driving, cycling, and ferry.

LocationSako, Tazawakokata

Contact InfoTazawako Tourism Information Center: 0187-43-2111

Traffic accessRegular bus from JR Tazawako Station (Tazawako Round Trip)
Akita Airport Liner (Kakunodate/Tazawako/Tamagawa Hot Springs Course)