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Sightseeing Spots: Hachimantai/Tamagawa Area

Tamagawa Hot Springs/New Tamagawa Hot Springs/Buna-no-Mori Tamagawa Hot Springs

Tamagawa Hot SpringsThe source is a strong acidic spring of pH 1.1, 98 degrees C hot and flowing at 9000 liters/minute, forming a 3 meter-wide stream. It has the greatest discharge amount from one spot in Japan. People from all around the country visit the springs for spa therapy.

Spring quality: Acidic; containing aluminium, iron and chloride; hypooncotic high-temperature spring
Effective for: Arteriosclerosis, neuralgic pain, rheumatism and skin diseases

LocationShibukurosawa, Tamagawa, Tazawako

Contact InfoTamagawa Hot Springs: 0187-58-3000 / New Tamagawa Hot Springs: 0187-58-3100

Traffic accessRegular bus from JR Tazawako Station (For Hachimantai Summit, or for Tamagawa Hot Springs)
Akita Airport Liner (Kakunodate/Tazawako/Tamagawa Hot Springs Course)